Continuing our collaboration with the GNOME Foundation, through the Sovereign Tech Fund (STF), we have been busy on multiple fronts since our last update.

RISC-V Summit Europe

Codethink recently presented at the 2024 RISC-V Summit Europe. Learn about our experiences at the event and our work on RISC-V.

ELISA Workshop

Following the recent ELISA workshop in Lund, Codethink consultant Paul Albertella reflects on five years of contributing to the project.

Outreachy banner

Codethink is proud to sponsor the May 2024 Outreachy cohort.

Linux Kernel

This is big news. It may not seem like it at first glance, but the impact could be huge.


Did you know there’s a simple way to try the most cutting-edge GNOME software?

Freepik (see link in article for attribution)

We are pleased to announce that Codethink has recently received ISO 9001:2015 certification for the provision of technical and strategic consultancy, software engineering services and software.

Denver skyline

Outreachy is an organisation providing open source internships to people who are subject to systemic bias and underrepresentation. Find out about the project we helped to run: "Improve end-to-end testing for GNOME"

Interconnected nodes

Some things we learnt when trying to build complex Rust software to a tight deadline


Last week 40+ Codethings descended upon Brussels for FOSDEM 2024 , along with thousands of members of the Free & Open Source Software community.

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