Financial Services

The financial services sector is a rapidly changing market. With Open Banking at the forefront, financial services companies are looking at new technological ways to improve their service offerings. With proprietary software becoming increasingly more expensive to maintain and cumbersome, banks are steadily replacing their systems with open source components.

Codethink is an Open Source first company, a member of the Linux Foundation and FINOS (the Fintech Open Source Foundation). FINOS was created to accelerate the collaboration and innovation of finance organisations through the adoption of Open Source software, standards and best practices.

How can Codethink help?

Codethink has been a FINOS member since 2019, predating the Linux Foundation's involvement, which commenced in 2020.

We have worked with a number of clients in the financial services space and have helped them to engage in Open Source Software (OSS) communities and assisted customers with how to leverage the power of OSS. Our scope of work often includes:

  • Open Source community engagement
  • Consuming and contributing
  • Maintaining, upstreaming and patching
  • Open Source compiler support (GNU, LLVM)
  • Open Source licensing consultancy
  • Open Source tooling engineering

Codethink is also able to support the following FINOS projects:

  • Morphir: A library of tools that facilitate the digitisation of business logic into multiple different languages and platforms
  • Legend: The data platform that provides a single place to access data via APIs or service queries.
  • CFI (Compliant Financial Infrastructure): a project to specify, implement and test example cloud infrastructure which complies with financial regulatory frameworks

Codethink is happy to assist organisations on their open source journey and can demonstrate expertise in deep engineering, long-term maintainability, CI/CD and reproducible builds, software compliance, branching and forking strategies, mirroring, DevOps services and Trustable Machine Learning.

If you have a FINOS based project that you require support, or would like to learn more about how we have helped other companies within the finance sector, please contact us via

Get in touch to find out how Codethink can help you +44 161 660 9930

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