About Codethink

Who is Codethink

Established in 2007, Codethink has established an international reputation as a world-class provider of software engineering and strategic technical consultancy services.

From our base in Manchester UK we work to deliver challenging software initiatives for the Electronics, Finance, Automotive and Medical Industries, serving international clients across Europe, Asia and North America.

We aim to develop high-trust, long-term relationships with people and organisations that recognise value in:

  • high-integrity management
  • transparency
  • intelligent, talented engineers
  • effective processes
  • reliable system-level software engineering services
  • expert development of advanced products, systems and solutions

Our story so far

  • founded in 2007
  • organic growth to over 100 people
  • established a base of global customers and trusted partners
  • strong advocates for Free and Open Source Software

Our approach

Codethink draws on deep project experience across a wide range of technology-driven industries:

  • from mission critical embedded electronics to online banking,
  • from emergency services to entertainment,
  • from mobile handsets to in-vehicle systems,
  • from consumer electronics to broadcast and media infrastructure.

Working across leading industry and technology boundaries has given us a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Our values

At Codethink we aim for:

  • honesty and transparency
  • objective feedback
  • active steps to address all problems
  • optimised processes and tools
  • documentation for all of our work and providing full traceability
  • two-way knowledge transfer with customers and partners

Careers at Codethink

We are always looking for talented new team members to join us. You can find out more about working for Codethink here.

Get in touch to find out how Codethink can help you

sales@codethink.co.uk +44 161 660 9930

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