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June 2024

RISC-V Summit Europe, Munich, Germany

Title: Bringing Tier-1 support for Rust to 64-bit RISC-V Linux

Abstract: The Rust Project supports a large number of targets for the Rust compiler and tooling. This support is separated into levels called “tiers”. Tier-1 is the top tier with the greatest amount of commitment from the project. In order for platforms to qualify for tier-1 status there is a significant set of conditions which must be met. Our project, in conjunction with RISE, is to bridge the gap between tiers one and two, to elevate the status of 64-bit RISC-V Linux support to tier-1.

This talk will serve as a small introduction of the Rust quality assurance methods. It will also cover the RISC-V specific work that has been done to date, the current status of the platform support, and what work remains to be done to complete tier-1 support.

You can read our blog post about the event here.

May 2024

EMF Electromagnetic Field, Eastnor, UK

Codethink sponsored the 2024 edition of EMF Electromagnetic Field.

Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit camping festival that features a weekend of talks, performances, and workshops on everything from blacksmithing to origami and lockpicking. Several Codethings made their way to Eastnor, with highlights including talks covering medical misinformation and a live performance that included using a theremin and a modular synth to play a Tesla coil.

ICA Summit, Frankfurt

Codethink proudly sponsored the 2024 ICA Summit.

ICA Summit 2024, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, brought together world-leading pioneers in autonomous vehicles and focused on advances in automotive technology.

April 2024

FOSSAsia, Vietnam

Title: Analyze and fix your Large Software Architecture with Codevis

Abstract: Codevis is an open source tool that enables the user to study, analyse, and fix large scale software architecture flaws.

The software currently understands C, C++ and Fortran. Codevis’ main use case is to display relationship graphs between libraries, structures (such as classes or pure “c” structures), functions (including traits, functions or methods), and files. Codevis offers several tools that help find problems on large scale designs, such as a Knowledge Island (a visualisation that showcases who originates the source code per file, module, class) to find cycles.

Codevis aims to help corporations visualise all of their software architecture in one single tool. This ensures that faster and more confident action can be taken during development, or during architecture decision-making.

LLVM is a core part of this project for the C++ and Fortran parser. It has been proven to work. It fixes architectural issues within the KDE Frameworks Libraries - a collection of 80+ libraries combining millions of lines of code.

Rust Manchester Meet-up April 2024, UK

Title 1: Introducing Rust CI for GitLab, a generic drop-in pipeline for Rust projects, Kiran Ostrolenk

Title 2: My open source camera, using rust with ffi and hardware, Will Salmon

March 2024

No events

February 2024

SOOCON24, London

Title: Testing in a Box: Streamlining Embedded Systems Testing with Open Hardware

Abstract: At Codethink we believe in testing hardware as early in the development lifecycle as possible, automating this testing makes it efficient and reproducible. We invariably need a number of connections to hardware devices for both development and automated testing which ends up with a birds nest of wires, dongles and peripherals, we put our minds to putting all of these together in one box containing a SBC, an open source USB switch, Can interface and an open source I/O board for everything else, including a USB hub, serial connection, GPIO switches, optocouplers and HID emulation.

This talk is about the concept, design and implementation of the Testing in a Box project along with some of the use cases that we're already using it for.

FOSDEM 24, Brussels,

Title: Testing in a Box: Streamlining Embedded System Testing

Abstract: We have developed open source hardware to make the job of setting up and running automated testing against embedded devices as quick and simple as possible.

We invariably need a number of connections to hardware devices for both development and automated testing which ends up with a birds nest of wires, dongles and peripherals, we put our minds to putting all of these together in one box containing a SBC, an open source USB switch, CAN interface and an open source I/O board which includes a USB hub, serial connection, GPIO switches, optocouplers and HID emulation.

This talk is about the concept, design and implementation of the Testing in a Box project along with some of the use cases that we're already using it for.

You can view the slides here.

Video recording to follow soon

January 2024

CES 2024, Las Vegas

Title: A Glimpse into the New Generation

Abstract: Electrification is the accelerant for connected electric vehicles and will bring an end to fossil fuel.

John explored:

  • the role of software and technology in digitisation, demonetisation, democratisation
  • what this looks like in a software-first organisation
  • what this means for the automotive industry building ‘software defined vehicles’
  • what this could lead to between now and 2050

You can view the recording here.

December 2023

Advent of Code

Codethink proudly sponsored Advent of Code which took place between 1-25 December 2023.

"Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like. People use them as interview prep, company training, university coursework, practice problems, a speed contest, or to challenge each other."

November 2023

SDV Europe, Berlin

Codethink proudly sponsored SDV Europe which took place between 26-28 November in Berlin.

SDV Europe is a conference that provided a forum for leaders across the automotive world to discuss the transition from hardware to software within the sector. Topics discussed included software architecture, DevOps, testing and validation, and much more.

Mini-DebConf, Cambridge

Title: A journey from kernel testing to testing Debian unstable

Abstract: Testing is an integral part of the software lifecycle. For software which are in continuous development it's even more important to have regular testing so that any bugs or errors can be detected early. In this talk, I will present how I started testing the Linux Kernel in a personal capacity and the status of Kernel testing that is now being done as part of Codethink. I will also present how that testing infrastructure has evolved to test Debian Sid on a RPI4 from a CI pipeline and the problems we had to overcome.

Watch the talk here.

October 2023

XDC Europe, A Coruña

Title: Automated graphical testing on real hardware: adventures with OpenQA

Abstract: OpenQA is a powerful testing tool developed originally for openSUSE and now used by various major distributions for integration testing. Within Codethink we're also using it to test mainline Linux on hardware across several CPU architectures and GPU stacks.

This talk will show how to create screenshot tests that can quickly verify your graphics pipeline is working. First I'll show how to quickly run the tests in a developer laptop using the QEMU backend. Then we'll look at a pipeline that builds a custom kernel and tests it on real hardware, using the same OpenQA testsuite.

September 2023

Embedded Recipes, Paris

Codethink proudly sponsored the 2023 edition of Embedded Recipes. Embedded Recipes brings together core developers and thought leaders to create a space for in-depth technical discussions and collaboration.

Kernel Recipes, Paris

This year was the 10th anniversary of Kernal Recipes which, Codethink proudly sponsored. Kernal Recipes is the informal conference covering all topics relating to the Linux kernal.

You can learn more about this event via the blog.

All Systems Go, Berlin Germany

Title: Building image-based OSes with BuildStream, in collaboration with Valentin David

Abstract: BuildStream is a tool for building / integrating software stacks. In a way, it has a similar goal to bitbake / yocto and Android repo, but takes a completely different approach. It can be used to take software from various sources, build it with various buildsystems in a reproducible sandbox, and cache results for speedy rebuilds.

This talk gives a brief overview of Buildstream, how it is used to build GNOME OS, and the challenges we face in using it. It also goes over freedesktop-sdk which is a base runtime that can be used as a base to build your own system.

It also discusses the challenges we encountered with using buildstream with ostree and the steps we're taking to support updating with systemd-sysupdate.

August 2023

Wuthering Bytes, Hebden Bridge, UK

The annual conference of the Open Source Hardware User Group, featuring talks and hands-on workshops covering a diverse range of topics related electronics, hardware hacking, open source, tools, techniques and more. A number of Codethings attended this event, as well as Codethink featuring as an event sponsor.

July 2023

GUADEC 2023, Riga, Latvia

Title: The best testing tools we've ever had: an introduction to OpenQA for GNOME

Abstract: How do you write the testsuite for an entire graphical desktop environment?

Desktop and distribution teams have been struggling with this question for more than a decade, and our combined efforts are starting to pay off. The combination of Gitlab, BuildStream, GNOME OS and OpenQA is the most powerful toolset we’ve ever had for ensuring high quality GNOME releases.

Akademy 2023, Thessanlonki, Greece

Title: An OSS Tool for Comprehending Huge Codebases

Abstract: Maintaining large C++ codebases with hundreds of developers is a complex problem.

In the KDE community, work is being undertaken to improve documentation, as well as to automate and systematize internal processes such as testing and QA (see current KDE Goals). Our tool, currently under development sponsored by Bloomberg, supports these processes, making it possible for developers to visualize and, therefore, better comprehend existing C++ architectures. This visualization, analysis, and development tool is based on the ideas from John Lakos' book "Large Scale C++ Software Design".

Our presentation has two parts. In the first, we explain how the ideas from John's book are implemented in the tool; in the second, we demonstrate how we've been using the tool to understand KDE projects, improve their code quality, and fix architectural suboptimalities.

June 2023

Embedded Open Source Summit, Prague

In June, a number of Codethings attended the Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) in Prague. It was a great event where those working on embedded open source projects and developer communities came together to collaborate and learn.

In keeping with the learning ethos, Codethink presented two well attended talks at the event which you can now watch on-demand:

" RAFIA - A Roadmap for Certifying Open Source for Use in Safety-Relevant Systems", delivered by Paul Sherwood

"Automated Full System Testing on Hardware with OpenQA", delivered by Laurence Urhegyi and James Thomas

May 2023

No events

April 2023

No events

March 2023

In March, Codethink attended a number of events including the following:

State of OpenCon

Title: "Automated testing with open source hardware", delivered by Mudit Sharma and Ben Dooks

Abstract: At Codethink we’re focused on automation and we’re focused on open source.

As part of our efforts to automate testing on embedded Linux projects (in our case, large automotive projects), we wanted to be able to programmatically switch between different USB ports. For example, to switch from an empty port to a port with a new system image, or to mimic plugging in a USB device such as a smart phone.

We couldn’t find a suitable, cost effective or open-source solution, so we decided to develop one ourselves.

In this talk we will introduce the USB Switch: a feature rich, bi-directional USB-C switch. We’ll go into detail on the features and the typical use cases.

AGL All Members Meeting

Title: OpenQA Testing on Hardware: Automated Full System Tests

Abstract: Testers on embedded projects lose time running and re-running the same manual tests, and some Automotive projects can require hundreds of people dedicated to manual testing.

Codethink has helped to automate end-to-end testing on hardware within a large automotive project using OpenQA and some additional custom tools.

In this talk, we will explain how it was done how it can be adapted for other projects, including AGL.

February 2023

Setting up OpenQA testing for GNOME

Click here for the recording and slides.

January 2023

No events

December 2022

Open Source Summit Japan

Title: QEMU: Emulating Your Way to Success, Ben Dooks

Abstract: QEMU is a versatile virtualiser and emulator that runs and emulates many of today's modern systems. It can be helpful in many projects from developing new Linux systems or drivers, creating test rigs, bootstrapping distributions to tinkering with new systems without having to leave the comfort of your PC.

Codethink has used QEMU in a number of projects in various configurations and in this talk we will share methods of using QEMU, configuration examples, interfaces and internals that make this all happen. The talk looks at how low level kernel features can be tested in isolation from the machine it is running on and how QEMU can transform what CPU features are exposed to the kernel-under-test to allow a consistent test environment.

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