Mon 01 July 2024

RISC-V Summit Europe 2024

Germany was buzzing this week. No, not because of the Euros. Munich also hosted the 2024 edition of the RISC-V Summit Europe, and Codethink was in town!

RISC-V Summit Europe brings together leading industrial experts and academics to share their research, helping shape RISC-V's future. Several Codethings attended the conference, looking to share (and develop) their knowledge of the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

On Tuesday, Codethings spent the day attending talks and discussions, before exploring the conference space. However, it was all systems go on Wednesday as we delivered a talk. Joshua Zivkovic and Lukas Wirth (from Ferrous Systems) presented ‘Bringing Tier-1 support for 64-bit RISC-V Linux to Rust’.

Josh and Lukas on stage at the RISC-V Summit

In their talk, the pair discussed our collaboration with Ferrous Systems to bring RISC-V on Linux up to Tier-1 status in the Rust project. Though the project is ongoing, their talk touched upon the importance of Rust, the progress that’s been made, what’s still to come, and how you can get involved.

You can watch the full talk here:

Alongside the talk, we also displayed at the summit’s poster exhibition. Our poster further emphasised the importance of Rust in the project and highlighted the other essential tools used (Cargo, rustdoc, clippy). Alongside Joshua, Codethings Ben, Tanvir, and Roan were on hand to discuss Codethink’s work on RISC-V.

Josh and Lukas discussing the poster display with a conference delegate

To summarise the event, here’s what Codethink software engineer, Roan Richmond had to say:

“The RISC-V summit provides a platform for companies and individuals to connect over a shared goal of driving an open source community-centred ISA to the forefront.”

RISC-V Summit Europe is a fantastic opportunity for members of the free and open source (FOSS) community to share their technical expertise and passion for RISC-V.

We hope to see you at the October RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara, California.

If you’d like to learn more about the events Codethink attends, please visit our events page.

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