Wed 01 February 2023


As in years past, Codethink will again be at the FOSDEM conference! An official sponsor of the event, we are pleased that more than 30 Codethings will be present and participating (yes, that’s what we call ourselves, yes, that is almost a third of the company, and yes, the company is covering all expenses).

A few Codethings will be hanging out in the FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom on Saturday, showing atomic updates with the latest images of GNOME OS in mobile. Come by and check it out.

At 11.00 on Sunday, Sam Thursfield will speak in the FOSDEM Testing & Automation devroom about "Setting up OpenQA testing for GNOME". This work came out of some internal research we are doing at Codethink and which we previously wrote about here.

At 14.00 on Sunday, Sam has another talk in the Python devroom about "Simple, open music recommendations with Python". You should definitely come and listen!

We'll be posting updates from the event on our Mastodon instance - follow for updates. We hope to see you there!

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