Thu 06 June 2024

Codethink sponsors Outreachy

Codethink is proud to sponsor the May 2024 Outreachy cohort.

Why support Outreachy?

Outreachy's goal is to increase diversity in open source.

GitHub's 2017 Open Source Survey uncovered that the gender imbalance in the community is profound, with 95% of the respondents being men, only 3% women, and 1% non-binary. One of Outreachy's core goals is to level up this imbalance.

What does the Outreachy programme include?

Outreachy provides paid, remote, 3-month internships in open source and open science to people who are subject to systematic bias and under-represented in the tech industry.

The internships run from May to August, and December to March. Interns work with experienced mentors from the open source community on real projects that may include programming, user experience, documentation, illustration, graphic design, or data science.

As well as learning vital open source skills, many of the interns secure paid employment with Outreachy sponsors or in other jobs that utilise the skills they developed during the programme.


Programmes such as Outreachy are crucial for growing the open source community. Most interns have their work included in software releases, with some even completing major features during their internship.

You can learn more about the Outreachy programme here.

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