Tue 02 November 2021

Codethink becomes a Microchip Design Partner

We are proud to announce that Codethink has joined the Microchip Design Partner program, specializing in Functional Safety and MPU, to assist their clients in the creation of electronic systems. Microchip’s focus on long-term support, avoiding depreciation of parts or support for customer engagements is a perfect match for Codethink’s efforts towards sustainable platform management.

Codethink is a software consultancy specialised in Linux and Embedded systems. Our Fortune 500 clients in the Automotive and IoT industries, among others, have benefited from our bespoke and cutting-edge hardware solutions for over a decade.

Microchip Technology Incorporated is a leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Customers can create optimal designs with its easy-to-use development tools and broad product range, which reduce risk while decreasing overall system cost and time to market. More than 120,000 customers use the company's solutions in the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, communications, and computing markets.

"We’re excited to be building on our relationship with Microchip, particularly focusing on shared interests in automotive solutions, safety-critical systems and advanced open source technologies, including RISC-V" - Paul Sherwood, CEO at Codethink

Microchip Functional Safety Design Partner

At Codethink, we work closely with safety experts and open source communities to provide state-of-the-art software solutions for our clients. We recently developed a deterministic construction solution for safety-critical software based on open source tooling, which was certified to ISO 26262 / ASIL D by Exida. We are active contributors to the ELISA project and MIT’s STAMP community, which enables us to assist our Automotive OEM and Tier 1 clients in applying safety engineering principles to Linux-based operating systems.

As Microchip Design Partner, we will help their clients to apply safety approaches to modern systems involving multicore processors and Linux-scale software. We will support Microchip’s customers by applying top-down hazard analysis using STPA, coupled with a systematic fault injection approach and statistical analysis of automated test results.

Codethink Functional Safety Design Partners

Microchip MPU Design Partner

As an open source consultancy, we address critical hardware projects for a wide range of industries. Our solutions include Linux Kernel and driver development, board bring-up, and optimisation for client-specific workloads for both Android and Linux systems. Codethink’s hardware design team produced one of the first ARM-based servers, and we have expertise scaling all the way down to the smallest of MPU-based systems.

Codethink will support Microchip’s clients on high speed systems design and custom Linux operating systems design, as well as delivery of specialist Board Support Package solutions and support for production systems maintenance.

Codethink MPU Design Partner

We look forward to working more closely with Microchip, their clients and associates.

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