Mon 08 March 2021

Making the tech industry more inclusive for women

As we celebrate International Women's Day, I thought I would reflect on the many inspirational women I have come across, in-person in everyday life, in articles or in history. I have had the privilege of being surrounded by great and amazing women all of my life, many of whom have been and are still role models, my shining lights.

It's not just the women that have been an inspiration to me. As a person, I have struggled with self-doubt (as many of us do), often thinking I am not capable. Without the support of a good team and some great leaders around me, work and life could have turned out differently.

My HR career has allowed me to see just how well women have steered their professional growth and how policies and procedures have evolved to complement changing and progressive environments. These positive changes have supported so many people across many organisations.

Working at Codethink has given me access to a new world of technology, and every day, I count myself lucky to work with several women who inspire me in different ways.

Diversity and inclusivity at Codethink

Codethink is a fast-paced and exciting environment with a great team spirit, where everyone has a voice! There's a great team and a real buzz about the place, even when working remotely.

There's also an abundance of Continuous Professional Development opportunities, with all the new and latest developments in Tech. We also give everyone their own training budget.

Abi Wall, our HR Director, tells us that "finding out what is important to our people, what we do well and what we could do better, has influenced our priorities at a board level around diversity and inclusivity".

At Codethink, we work actively to be more inclusive, by asking our employees for feedback and continually looking for new opportunities to improve what we do. We have a yearly staff survey and an Employee Forum where employees' views are listened to and acted on.

We are looking at ways to attract more women into the world of Tech, by reaching out and letting women know about the great opportunities here waiting for them, and to share some examples of how we can make great things happen through technology.

Our clients are world-class organisations across the medical, finance, electronics and automotive industries delivering ground-breaking projects.

We are strengthening our relationships with schools and communities to explore ways to encourage more women to explore the opportunities available to them in technology as they plan their future careers.

But one of the main points I'd like to mention is the flexibility we offer to the Codethink employees: flexibility. It's one of the first things employees say that makes us stand apart from other companies. Flexibility will allow us to remain fit for the future and help all of our employees to achieve what they want from life.

If you want to find out how you can make a difference in the Tech world, please get in touch. We are currently recruiting Software Engineers. Check out the full job description here >>

Thank you to all my role models who continue to inspire me every day to make a difference wherever I can.

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