Tue 21 April 2015

Visteon and Codethink Collaborate

Leading automotive electronics supplier Visteon and Linux software specialist Codethink are partnering to improve the long-term traceability and reproducibility of software used in in-vehicle infotainment products.

Visteon and Codethink have developed a unified approach to collect and integrate Linux ecosystem source code across the wide range of third-party and open source components used in Visteon's infotainment projects with global automakers. Both companies are members of the GENIVI® alliance, a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of specified, open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software.

The approach combines key elements of the Baserock and Yocto open source projects. Visteon is believed to be the first organization to use Baserock's upstream source management functionality to support Yocto builds.

"As our software platforms are becoming increasingly global, we identified several benefits of combining the best elements of the Baserock and Yocto approaches," said Christian Feltgen, vice president of Visteon's technology office. "It provides us with local capture of the Yocto upstream build "recipe" and enables teams to either cross-compile using Yocto or build natively in Baserock – depending on the requirements for each project."

"We are delighted to see Visteon contributing to the open source ecosystem and innovating this way" said Codethink's CEO, Paul Sherwood. "This new approach has the potential to minimize maintenance costs for long-term product support in Visteon's connected vehicle solutions."

About Visteon

Visteon is a global company that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative products for nearly every vehicle manufacturer worldwide. Visteon currently delivers value for its customers and shareholders through two technology-focused businesses: vehicle cockpit electronics and thermal management. Visteon currently owns 70 percent of Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp., one of only two global full-line automotive thermal management suppliers. With corporate offices in Van Buren Township, Mich. (U.S.); Shanghai, China; and Chelmsford, UK; Visteon has approximately 25,500 employees at facilities in 26 countries. Visteon had sales of $7.5 billion in 2014. Learn more at www.visteon.com.

More information

More about the Yocto project: http://yoctoproject.org/

More about the Baserock project: http://wiki.baserock.org/


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