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The third part of a blog series, discussing HSM-backed security requirements and how we analyse the tradeoffs offered by modern options.


The 2nd part of a blog series, discussing HSM-backed security requirements and how we analyze the tradeoffs offered by modern options.

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As we work increasingly with systems that have HSM-backed security requirements, we analyze the tradeoffs offered by modern options.

Automated testing of browser-based web applications from the command line.

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In this episode of 'Meet the Codethings', we've asked Shaun about FOSDEM, the future of safety-critical software in automotive, and STPA. Keep up-to-date with our news about safety by just subscribing to our Safety newsletter at the end of the article.

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In 2019, electric vehicles accounted for 7.4% of total passenger car registrations in the UK. For an ever-more environmentally conscious population, this presents a very low number. Electric vehicles are often seen as a next step, or even a solution for greener transportation. Indeed, electric vehicles are becoming a more accessible option for an increasing number of consumers, and getting closer to a wider public adoption.


Many embedded/automotive vendors are recommending that electronic control unit (ECU) consolidation can be best achieved by adopting an architecture with a hypervisor. The idea is to isolate functions into guest operating system virtual machines and restrict access to sensitive resources. So examples of the consolidated architecture look something like …


Codethink joins Automotive Grade Linux to help advance open collaboration and automotive software development for cars of the future


Maintaining 100 million lines of code on your own is not much fun, and surprisingly expensive.


Leading automotive electronics supplier Visteon and Linux software specialist Codethink are partnering to improve the long-term traceability and reproducibility of software used in in-vehicle infotainment products.


Codethink Receives GENIVI Most Valuable Contributor Award. Recognised for Baserock contribution to GENIVI Baseline Integration Team.

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