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Testing Pyramid

Codethink has been developing a number of tools and processes in order to automate as much of the testing pipeline for embedded systems as possible.

SDV Europe 2023

Codethink is excited to announce its attendance at the upcoming SDV Europe conference in Berlin from November 26th to November 28th.

Automated Kernel Testing on RISC-V Hardware Thumbnail

Continuing our work on robust testing in support of long-term maintainability, we present a testing pipeline that makes use of both LAVA and OpenQA to perform automated kernel tests on RISC-V hardware.

Testing Pyramid

Codethink has automated some end-to-end testing of Android Automotive on our public openQA instance.

Codethink is happy to sponsor GUADEC one year more

Automated testing of browser-based web applications from the command line.

LTM Conference

Laurence Urhegyi and James Thomas will be giving the talk "Automated and continuous system testing with Lava and OpenQA"

Automated Linux kernel testing Thumbnail

Everyone wants the same thing: stable software for the long term, including the latest features. To achieve this, you need to have confidence in your software and in the software you depend on, which has to come from testing.

Testing environment for GNOME with OpenQA Thumbnail

High quality releases require high quality testing infrastructure. To show how deep OS and GUI testing can be done, let's look at the OpenQA instance we helped set up for GNOME.

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