Fri 11 June 2021

Build Meetup 2021: The BuildTeam Community Event

For the last few months, the BuildTeam Community has been organising a meetup to gather like-minded community members to discuss, share and exchange innovations and relevant topics and systems in build.

It was important for me to join this community because during my 6 months at Codethink, amongst other things, I have learnt the importance of community in the open source world. Unlike any other industries that I have been a part of, the community places high importance on sharing and gathering knowledge, skills and information.

Being part of the organising committee for the Build Meetup 2021 has been hectic in the most positive way possible. It has been an enormous learning curve that has allowed me to join a new community and harness several new skills whilst getting to know some of the Build community members.

The Build Meetup 2021

These meetups have happened twice before, and the community is trying to make them a recurring occurrence to give community members a platform and an opportunity to share and learn from their peers. This year a few of us in the BuildTeam Slack expressed enthusiasm for making it happen after not doing it in 2020.

The Build Meetup will be a 2-day virtual event held on 24-25 June 2021. Topics to discuss include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Innovations in the area of build systems such as Bazel, Pants, Buck, BuildStream, Goma etc.
  • Recent developments in remote execution systems such as Buildfarm, Buildgrid, Buildbarn, etc.
  • Research in the area of improving build performance.
  • Tooling developed around these systems to integrate with IDEs, programming languages, debug tooling, etc.
  • Experiences migrating to one of the systems listed above.
  • Experiences operating these systems at scale.

Talks you can't miss

This year's Build Meetup has an exciting range of speakers. Below are some of the approved talks:

You can register for free and check the full schedule here >>

For further information, please email us at or join in on the conversation us at #meetup on the BuildTeam Slack.

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