Thu 11 February 2016

Codethink's Zara Zaimeche Interviewed on Storyboard Development

"Collaboration is at the heart of OpenStack. As the number of projects grow and people around the world contribute, the challenge is keeping teams on task."

Superuser's Nicole Martinelli talked to Zara Zaimeche, software developer at Codethink, about StoryBoard, a task tracking system for cross-team projects.

An excerpt from the interview:

Who will StoryBoard be most useful for?

It's most useful for someone who wants to track work that spans multiple projects (or a very big project with lots of moving parts). This could be code, but doesn't have to be. For background: a story is a goal, or set of requirements. A task is a concrete step someone takes toward meeting those requirements. Sometimes work is necessary in multiple projects in order to fulfill the requirements, so different tasks in the same story can link to different projects.

How long before it's in production?

There are instances in production at the moment, though some features are more mature than others. It splits into roughly three parts: 1) a bug-tracker, 2) a task-tracker for developers, 3) a task-tracker for project managers. The last is the newest and creakiest, but also our development focus at the moment.

You can see the full interview here.

If you’d like to learn more in person, the StoryBoarders are meeting up in Manchester on February 17 for a Mitaka MidCycle.

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