Wed 18 March 2015

OpenStack Public Cloud on 64-bit ARM servers with DataCentred

DataCentred announce that in a world first they have integrated servers running ARM AArch64 processors into their OpenStack public cloud platform

As you may know, last year we partnered with DataCentred, an innovative provider of open-source cloud computing and next-generation data centre solutions. Today we’re delighted to announce that as a result of this collaboration, DataCentred have OpenStack running on 64-bit ARM (Aarch64). This will allow Datacentred to provide their customers with the ability to spin up both x86 and Aarch64 tenants.

Matt Jarvis, Head of Cloud Computing at DataCentred, said:

"There is currently a scarcity in the market for accessible, scalable 64-bit ARM and by adding this service to our cloud platform DataCentred can provide customers with access to this hardware at low risk. We are already seeing significant interest in our key vertical markets and expect this to grow over the next year. Thanks to Codethink, we’ve had one of the first ARM AArch64 Moonshot servers in the UK and our engineering team has integrated this with our Open Source OpenStack cloud platform. We will move this into production over the next few months."

Paul Sherwood, CEO of Codethink, said:

"ARM has always been a key target for our embedded systems development chain and the ability to provide a cloud based, ARM native developer environment for our projects is a critical part of achieving Codethink’s goals. Since 2014 we have been working with DataCentred to provide an environment for distributing Baserock, our embedded systems and dedicated enterprise appliance Linux tool set; and to provide an execution environment for developers using Baserock to build, run and test on novel architectures, notably ARM."

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