Wed 18 March 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Codethink

Codethink has switched into home-working mode to minimise the possibility of COVID-19 infections for our team, families, customers and partners.

Most of our key people work remotely on a regular basis, and many of our team are already used to contributing to open source projects from home. We've taken steps to ensure that everyone is up-to-date with health and safety guidelines, and that our work environments allow us to work productively and securely as we continue to maintain operations.

Codethink's core capabilities are built on a range of open source practices and tools which are expressly suited to remote working. Our infrastructure is designed and secured for 24/7 operation and we are used to working across time zones from Asia to USA, so in practice we feel confident and well-placed to continue supporting customers with minimal disruption.

Our offices will remain open for projects and staff that require access, but with most people now remote we are working on additional steps to keep connected and improve well-being for our team and the many people we work with.

As the situation evolves we'll continue to track and respond quickly to official guidance. We're contactable via phone, videoconference, email, twitter, linkedin and irc (#codethink on freenode).

On behalf of all at Codethink we wish you a safe journey through these challenging times.


Paul Sherwood

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