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NVIDIA® Jetson™

Codethink Ltd has been enabling solutions with NVIDIA® technologies for the last decade, frequently using the powerful Jetson platform. Traditionally specialising in Linux, Embedded systems & Open Source; we deliver on projects that are extremely difficult and technically complex. We are able to help Jetson platform customers find the best way forward, through custom software, commercial solutions and open source.

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Building for Jetson

We have been involved in the development and improvement of tools used widely by engineers targeting high performance embedded Linux SoCs - not least for Jetson variants:

  • Buildstream is used for building low footprint, minimal Linux OS images
  • Freedesktop-SDK is a minimal Linux OS built using Buildstream
  • The CRASH project was an opportunity for the team at Codethink to demonstrate live software updates to Jetson-powered autonomous vehicles.

Development on Jetson

Codethink started working with NVIDIA processors in 2012, and we have delivered on a range of Jetson projects since the product was first launched in 2014.

When the original Jetson devboard was released, we used Baserock to build and deploy an OS image with the latest mainline Linux kernel and a 100% open source graphics driver stack. This was all done within 24 hours of getting access to the development board.


Autonomous Driving on Jetson

Codethink has worked on advanced in-vehicle and infrastructure projects with many leading automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers. In 2019, we demonstrated some Codethink R&D work around the safety implications of reinforcement learning in autonomous driving. We built a safety case for the system, custom OS images together with an OTA update system using OSTree.


Computer Vision on Jetson

Having completed many computer vision projects, we know how to develop performant, state-of-the-art computer vision applications; leveraging the latest deep learning technologies and existing proven computer vision algorithms and platforms. For example see article on real-time player-tracking in professional sport.


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