Build and Integration

Building and integrating complex software solutions is hard, whether that software is embedded in products, deployed as appliances on cloud infrastructure, provided as a direct service, or packaged for installation on a user’s device. Common pain points include:

• Difficulties in scaling build tools or build infrastructure

• Errors from arcane or disconnected integration processes

• Having to maintain multiple simultaneous toolchains and development environments

• Intractable manual processes and other workflow bottlenecks

Scalable solutions

To solve these problems, leading technology organisations are increasingly turning to modern open source tools, such as Bazel and BuildStream, which are explicitly designed to scale to very large teams and hugely complex systems.

These tools focus on reducing both the overhead required and the overall time taken to perform build and integration activities, while giving developers, integrators and managers a clearer understanding of these activities and the systems that they produce, and enabling large and/or distributed teams to collaborate in creating them.

Open partner

Codethink has been tackling our clients’ toughest build and integration problems for the past decade, both creating tailored solutions and contributing to the development of open source technologies to advance the state of the art. As active participants of relevant development communities, Codethink is not only able to help organisations to adopt modern tooling, but also to extend that tooling to meet their specific needs, and to work with the relevant communities to ensure these extensions will remain available for the life of the tool.

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