We are specialists in Linux, Android and embedded RTOS. The nature of Codethink’s work requires us to tackle deep developer-level integration with other platforms too – currently that includes QNX, Integrity, Windows, Mac OS.

We work on firmware, drivers, board support, operating systems, libraries, middleware, and all of the build tooling required to create complete systems. Projects range from tiny real-time devices to fleets of data-center scale Linux appliances.

We work on hard problems across a range of technical domains. Unless you’re in the domain, the buzzwords may not mean very much, but here are some examples:

Secure multi-os virtualisation. Crypto. Multi-architecture, multi-platform. Hardware-accelerated graphics virtualisation. Compiler optimisation. Semantic data storage. Fast boot. Secure boot. Power management. Automated build, test, validate, deploy. Augmented reality. Speech recognition. Image recognition. Self-hosted continuous delivery. High density compute. Traceability and reproducibility. Distributed consistent storage. Virtualised storage. Server fleet management. Big-endian, little-endian, bi-endian, hard float, soft float, hard realtime.

Most of what we do is confidential, but some past and present examples are visible:

  • Architecture and development for Nokia’s N9 phone

  • Design and code for a series of projects involving ARM architecture servers

  • The first delivery of a complete Big Endian Linux stack on server-class ARM hardware

  • Various automotive demonstrators and in-vehicle production projects

  • Forward porting of Renesas R-Car H2 to Linux mainline

  • Various distro-stack build and integration tools

  • Open FORTRAN Compiler

  • Board @ Desk for Civil Infrastructure Platform

Get in touch to find out how Codethink can help you +44 161 660 9930