Fri 25 July 2014

Datacentred Announces Partnership with Codethink to Deliver Multi-Architecture OpenStack Cloud Services

DataCentred builds and operates large-scale public and private cloud infrastructure powered by Open Source software. The company is headquartered in Manchester, UK, with customers in the academic research, higher education and broadcast industries. DataCentred’s systems are built around open source software and open standards, and the company is committed to fostering the development of the OpenStack ecosystem and wider open-source communities.

Codethink specialises in developing system-level software to enable advanced technical applications, working across a range of industries including finance, automotive, telecoms and medical. As experts in Free and Open Source Software, they help customers take maximum advantage of the knowledge and technologies developed by the Open Source community. Their customers are international-scale organisations who seek competitive edge through design of systems which are faster, smaller, more secure, more up-to-date, or more advanced than their competitors.

DataCentred and Codethink consider virtualization on OpenStack as key to enabling enterprise and embedded customers exploit the simplicity and speed of OpenStack deployments.

Dr Mike Kelly, CEO of DataCentred, said:

Our partnership with Codethink demonstrates our long term commitment to the OpenStack ecosystem. We know that the benefits of cloud computing can scale beyond mainstream IT and online services and it is really exciting to see the potential for a variety of infrastructures into a cloud environment. Using a true open cloud requires a different approach to thinking about problems.The structure that a true cloud brings, can be applied to so many different application areas. This structure is almost a wrapper into which a whole variety of systems requiring scalable management can be slotted. Open clouds particularly lend themselves to this varied workload, because they are so powerful, flexible and indifferent to architectures, by design.”

Paul Sherwood, CEO of Codethink, said:

We have strong interest from customers needing the advantages of specific chipsets for their chosen applications. Customers are asking for build and validation of Big Endian systems, as well as centralized virtualization of ARM devices. The initial service will focus on provision of a public-facing build and test service based on NVIDIA Jetson boards, which provide an A15 4-core Tegra CPU and 192 graphics cores on each unit”