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Mon 31 July 2017
Why support community driven FOSS events
Thu 29 June 2017
Error Correcting Codes and Erasure Codes
Mon 20 March 2017
Introducing BuildStream
Thu 09 March 2017
Why Codethink is a founding member of the Civil Infrastructure Platform, a Linux Foundation initiative
Tue 18 October 2016
Validating Schemas in YAML
Fri 08 July 2016
GENIVI Development Platform: Moving from a traditional product/release focused delivery model to a rolling model
Wed 01 June 2016
Lautsprecher Teufel Build Process Improvements Part 2
Thu 19 May 2016
Lautsprecher Teufel Build Process Improvements
Sat 23 April 2016
Visualising the Software Integration process for whole systems
Fri 22 January 2016
Measuring the Iris
Wed 20 January 2016
How to run Standups on IRC/Slack