Open Source Graphics Drivers


Codethink Open Source 3D Graphics Driver Services for ARM Devices

Leading graphics engineer demonstrates a new open source 3D graphics driver’s capabilities, drawing the essential triangle on an Android device.

Codethink’s leading open source graphics engineer, Luc Verhaegen, has tested a prototype for the very first fully open source GPU driver on a mobile device.

Mr Verhaegen, a widely respected display device software engineer, will kick off an open source community project for ARM-based mobile and embedded devices at the Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM), 4-5 February 2012 in Brussels.

At FOSDEM, Mr Verhaegen will demonstrate an open source driver prototype which will work with currently shipping ARM Mali 200 and 400 graphics processing units (GPU). This opens the way for ARM platform GPUs to be powered by entirely open source 3D graphics device drivers.

Mr Verhaegen’s breakthrough will help device manufacturers more cost-effectively integrate GPU device drivers with their chosen operating system.

“The Mali hardware is well structured and beautifully simple. It is the perfect basis for a community developed open source driver,” said Mr Verhaegen.

For the entire value chain of mobile and embedded device solutions and applications developers, this means increased flexibility and demonstrates the value of community contributions. Linux and Android device manufacturers, for example, already benefit from open source development. This advance empowers device manufacturers to innovate with design-specific graphics capabilities and to enable more advanced device-based applications.

“This is a fantastic achievement by Luc, and exciting opportunity for the mobile and embedded developer community,” said Paul Sherwood, Codethink CEO. “Device manufacturers, consumer device resellers, telecommunications companies and applications developers will benefit.”

Device manufacturers and software engineers who want to know more about Codethink’s mobile and embedded software engineering services can reach us at For those wanting to participate in the open source 3D graphics driver project more details will be announced at FOSDEM, or you can follow Codethink News for updates.

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